We proudly introduce you the latest version of DayZ Standalone Hack. Get the one and only 100% undetectable, Battleye proof application created by our professional team called “Raz Theory”. After almost 3 months of hard work, hours spent on testing and all day long updates cheat is finally here. You now have opportunity to download this hardcore DayZ Standalone Hack and test it for free.



More information about DayZ Standalone Hack

DayZ is ultimate MMO survival-horror game with zombies where thousands of people from all around the world try to survive. You need to search and fight for food, clothes, resources and weapons exploring massive open world called Chernarus. The main threat in this game are other players but you don’t need to worry about them anymore with our DayZ Standalone Hack which includes wallhack, aimbot.

Our cheat tool also has ESP option so you can easly see all military clothes and guns like ballistic helmet, Mosin with sniper scope, M4 assault rifle and revolver places on the Chernarus Plus map. All the rare items will be yours just by starting DayZ Standalone Hack and pressing one button.


Differences between DayZ Standalone and DayZ Mod

Stand alone version of DayZ mod offers you 3rd person servers and 1st person view only – hardcore servers where you’re locked to typical FPS view switching camera is disabled. So what’s the difference between those two game versions? Basically those are the same games created by one person – Dean “Rocket” Hall. However our DayZ Standalone Hack works only with the first one. The Stand alone is independent game released some months ago and “old” DayZ Mod is just a modification for Arma 2 game.


Updated version of DayZ Standalone hack includes ESP, aimbot and wallhack

DayZ Standalone Cheat Features:


File name: Dayz StandAlone Cheats.rar

File size: 14.26 MB


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